The Legend of Godsbane

It always starts in a tavern

Once upon a time there was a tavern, where we used to raise a glass or two. Remember how we laughed away the hours, think of all the great things we would do. We would live the life we choose, we would fight and never lose, for we were young and sure to have our way. Oh my friends, we are older now but none the wiser, for in our hearts the dreams are still the same.

We begin our intrepid tale on the second Waescdaeg of Snaermonan, 499 IR. It was the middle of winter, snow was blanketing the realm. Four humans it took to start an avalanche so small that not even an ant would have noticed it, but like most avalanches they pick up speed and become a force to be reckoned with. This Tome was made to chronicle the tales of these people, and is a tribute to their efforts in this troubled land.

Like so many other tales they always start in a tavern…

The bartender was wiping his mugs as strangers started entering the tavern one by one they never ordered anything or even looked twice at him, but he knew a few merchants that used the tavern as a meeting place for work every now and then, and they always brought good money and customers so he paid no heed to the strangers.

They waited just staring at each other not saying a word until one of them introduced themselves as Sunny, he had a dog with him strangely enough who sat loyally next to him. His introduction however was cut short by the abrupt opening of the tavern door where Rodgar Ap-Annwn stepped inside. The bartender knew him as a farmer and merchant local from Dalsetter where the very tavern stood, he moved as swiftly as he entered towards the strangers.

Rodgar looked over the strangers with a glance as he walked towards them he saw four people had answered his call for help. The flyer he had set up in Aslov only a week prior had gathered this many people for the flour shipment he wanted picked up.

Rodgar noticed two men and a woman sitting at the table, a handsome looking man of Anari Origins (Sunny) and his dog(Benson), a Finnar who did not seem to care too much for grooming(King), an attractive Saxa woman who had her halberd rested on the tavern wall (Vigdis) and the last one was talking to the barkeep about something. The last one was a Frostborn from what culture Rodgar could not tell but then it is always hard to figure out where a Frostborn is from without asking him or her, the man was wearing what looked like a jesters outfit (The Fool)

Rodgar motioned over The Fool as he ordered another round of drinks and sat down at the table, Rodgar introduced himself and told the group of adventurers his plans and what he needed done. After a bit of murmuring and questions they finally came to an agreement.

The plan was simple: Take the horses and cart to Dunross, get the grain shipment for Rodgar, return to Dalsetter for payment.

Rodgar left the adventurers with a handshake and a smile and wished them Eostres blessing before he headed out the tavern door for other business.

The adventurers quickly head outside to find two horses leashed to a cart with what looked like oats at the back of the cart. (Vigdis) inspected the cart to see everything was in order as (The Fool) gestured to the warrior woman saying he felt safer in her presence, (King) enters the cart first stowing his bag only to lazily place himself on the oats. The Fool jumps up second followed by Sunny’s dog Benson and (Vigdis) last with her halberd at the ready.

(King) showing his true colors lazily pointed for someone else to ride the cart and Sunny with the most experience already owning a horse of his own tied his horse to the cart and took the reins.

The Cart slowly makes its way to Dunross the air is chilly at best and the snow is slowly falling from the overcast sky. Seeking comfort in names one by one the adventurers start introducing themselves, the fool taking this chance to introduce himself as such The Fool, the warrior woman introduced herself as Vigdis Gulbrandrsdohtor a paladin of Tiw.

Replying with witty retort the lazy Finnar says to The Fool: Would you fancy calling me the King, my dear Fool

The Fool being a fool replies swiftly: If that is what my liege deems appropriate – it will be so! and thus this is how the Finnar became known as the King. Vigdis wishing to learn more of the curious jester asked him to play a tune and the jester replied in kind but the tune was unfortunately riddled with errors.

The king obviously not pleased started to ponder where he kept his rotten vegetables, but thinking twice about throwing oats at the poor Fool. Vigdis trying her best to comfort the poor Fool said it was not the worst she had heard.

As our adventurers were slowly getting to know each other they came up to a small copse riding the cart along the road aside it, it was here the King shifted his position only to discover something glinting in between the bushes.

ORCS! Sunny quickly brought the cart to a halt discovering the same thing the King had, Acting as quickly as he stopped the cart Sunny jumps over the side and takes cover and starts murmuring something as a violent torrent of arcane energy shoots out of his staff and hits one of the Orcs.

King uses the cart as cover using the sides not moving out of his safe haven, Vigdis jumps out of the cart and takes cover not wanting to be left out in the open. The Fool takes cover with the king.

Vigdis and the King decide to try and goad the Orcs into attacking them or lose their guard, although for their troubles all they were met with were Orcish grunts and laughs. The Orcs reply and open fire and let loose a hail of arrows into the party.

The king gets lucky as one of the arrow catches him off guard but hits one of the metal studs in his armor, Sunny tries to return fire with bow and arrow but does not hit. Another round of taunting and goading from Vigdis and King leave them riddled with more arrows, this time they hit Sunny but he also gets lucky and the arrow breaks off on his armor.

The Fool rushes over to the king to make sure he is okay and tries to cast a spell but the gods do not favor him as the spell fizzles.

Vigdis charges into the Orcs with great fury, Sunny decides to enter the fray and so does King as he succeeds in goading the Orcs into attacking. Sunny gets caught by a vicious Orc slashing into his armor wounding him. The Fool rushes to aid Sunny and throws a knife straight into the gut of one of the Orcs.

Vigdis in her fury brandishes her halberd in a display that might have been Tiw himself guiding her hand as she eviscerates one of the Orcs and decapitates another. King sees fit to give the last Orc a beating with his paint can but fails to land a hit, the Orc however is quickly finished off by an angered Sunny who bashes his skull in with his staff.

The battle is over and Orc blood is spilled all over the white snow, the King sees fit to slam his paint can into one of the dead Orcs for good measure spilling the contents over the corpse.

On further inspection or should we say “Looting” the party discovers one of the Orcs have a Fine dagger and an equally fine pair of boots that he had put on ruining the boots in the process with his big feet.

The Fool takes care of Sunny’s wounds, and the party load up the Orcs weapons into the cart and head on putting the whole ordeal behind them

It does not take long before the day has finally become dusk and the party come into great luck as they come up to a Travel Tower built by the Road wardens.

As they approached the tower they found it abandoned and the doors were open, unsettling to say the least for when they stopped they found an abandoned Wagon and the Hitching post had been broken. After some investigation Vigdis discovered that horse tracks were leading west but it seems something must have scared the horses.

King wanting to either find food or warmer accommodations went into the tower only to discover firewood littered all over the ground with what looked like faint traces of red here and there, he moved closer and discovered it was blood…


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