Brimni Foehammer

A Dwarf stout and burly as any a dwarf currently leading an expedition to Karad Kahn.


Now Brimni is as stout as any dwarf bulky and tough as they come Brimni looks like your average dwarf except his biceps and upper body look like someone took a carving knife and edged his manly form in stone. Brimni Carries a giant war hammer three times his size which he usually holds with one arm.

After almost breaking Mikaels arm the Foehammer wrestled with Vigdis who still lost three times to the dwarf but she held her own weight but was ultimately defeated.

The dwarf told the party he would allow them to join the expedition but they had to follow his rules and he warned them the pay was bad, the food was worse and they would most likely die. Not even thinking twice the party accepted this insane gamble and Mikael shook hands with Brimni.

Brimni the sole survivor of the Dwarf Caravan charged into the mountain of Karad Khan his eyes filled with what would seem Rage or Madness leaving the confused party alone outside. (Presumed Dead)


Brimni Foehammer

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