The King


…a man of short height, although not incredibly embarassingly so. His hair is brown, although a bit unkempt it says “Nice try” more than anything else. Under his fluffy wintercoat he is wearing worn off clothes that might have once been very fancy, if a bit tasteless and overly extravagant.

An arrogant, sarcastic man who quickly took calling himself “The King”.

- The Fool - “Let us find time for introductions, and as properly proposed, my name will be skipped as I am simply the Fool to you and everyone else. So dear lady warrior, beast-master and boatsman? Can I have the pleasure of your names?”

- The King - "Would you fancy calling me the King then, my dear Fool?

Has a “Why do something if someone can do it for you” type of mentality.

- The King - “Lifting those sacks, you’ll be sure to keep your arms strong for swinging at orcs”

While he does posess a certain proper presence to him, he doesn’t act or especially look very noble. He very much enjoys when people adress him as one though.

- The King - “Its no use, this kind of sorry lot must’ve had their balls frozen and fallen somewhere on their way here.”

The King

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