The quaint caravans of the engros drive slowly across the land of Rassilon, moving on some unseen breeze or tide. Smoke drifts idly from the chimneys, children play happily, dancing and singing, and women sew on makeshift looms, seemingly ignorant of the hideous monsters lurking in the landscapes they pass.

However, the engros are far from ignorant of the dangers of Rassilon. Among every family is at least one Bludgeoner, a warrior dedicated to the protection of their traveling household. While other engros dream of the profits to be found in the next village, the Bludgeoners keep back the hordes of darkness.

Most outsiders believe the Bludgeoners are just a community police force, there to locate “lost” horses, break up the occasional drunken brawl, and to keep an eye on non-engro visitors who might otherwise lose a few coins.

And that’s how the organization likes to be seen, because if the majority of outsiders knew how dangerous the engros were, they would likely persecute the engros more than they already do. The sling is the Bludgeoners’ weapon of choice, being light, cheap, low-maintenance, and easy to find ammunition in most environments.

The organization is named because of the blunt force trauma their weapons inflict, though most outsiders believe it is because of the sticks they carry (which they use to drive back the “lost” animals and when breaking up fights).

Bludgeoners operate independently or in small groups much of the time, but when families, clans, and tribes meet, they form larger bands. In order to conceal their numbers from outsiders, engros use secret hand-shakes to identify each other.



The Legend of Godsbane Gabel