Character Questionnaire

Ask GM/DM For information you may lack when it comes to any of these questions, you are free to make things up as long as it sticks to the setting and it is inside Rassilon and i approve of it once you show it to me.

You are not required to fill in all of these but the longer your back-story becomes the more i can get a sense of who your character is the more i can implement it into the game.

You are also free to make a backstory in any program you wish and send it to me instead of using this form, however you can use this as a guideline as well if you decide to make a written backstory in another program.

If you wish any of this to be a secret to the other players i strongly suggest you write down this in word, open office or any other program and send it to me personally.

Short Intro:
You have all either traveled to the freelands for your own personal reasons or you are local citizens either way you might be just seeking adventure, maybe you want to help the starving and the refugees that were swarming down from the winterlands, or maybe you just want to get away from your home and explore the world before it is taken by the fimbulvintr either way you all are here now and this is where our adventure begins:

The adventure begins on the second Waescdaeg of Snaermonan, 499 IR. It is the middle of winter, and snow blankets the realm. As this takes place in the Hearthlands, the snow is only a few inches deep except in the hills, where it already lies as deep as three feet. The temperature outdoors remains a chilly 15° F (–1 Vigor penalty) during the day and 0° F at night (–2 Vigor penalty) The Four Sheaves isn’t the best tavern in Rassilon, but it’s warm, and the food is almost palatable. Two days ago, you answered a flyer nailed in the market square of Aslov, calling for men and women of stout heart seeking adventure. The notice said to meet here, a small tavern in a village a few miles north of Aslov.

Character Questionnaire

Feel free to use this Questionnaire as a reference point when making a back story for your character:

1.) Basic Information: What is your character’s name (refer to Hellfrost Player’s Guide for naming conventions for race), race, and age? And What does your character look like try and discribe his/her features.

2.) Does your character have any recurring mannerisms, sayings, or catchphrases unique to them?

3.) Profession: What is your character’s defining skill or ability? Did you have a mentor who taught you that skill? Is that mentor alive or dead? How does your character feel about them now?

4.) Family: Who are your parents and siblings (names, professions, location ect) and are they alive or dead? If alive, where do they live and what do they think of your current path in life? How does your character feel about them? What are they like?

5.) What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

6.) Religion: Does your character have a Patron god? Which one is it? Why does your character revere that god? How devout is your character?

7.) Home: Where is your character from? Where have they been spending their time before becoming an adventurer?

8.) What are your Hero’s most favorite things? Least favorite? And what is your Hero’s single greatest fear?

9.) Does your Hero have any prejudices(IE does he hate nobility, dwarves, small pixies, frostborn and so on)?

10.) Ambition: What is your character’s long-term life goal right now? This should be both specific and personal (i.e. “make money” is a bad goal. “Make enough money to hire mercenaries to take back my ancestral lands” is a good goal.)

11.) Conflict: Does Your character have a still-living rival, friendly or otherwise?, back home or wherever your character lived last. Who were they, and what was the nature of the conflict between them? How does your character feel about them right now?

12.) Other Connections: Who are your friends and enemies? Who do you love or hate? What are your prized possessions? You may include still-living or dead NPCs that your character knows.


Character Questionnaire

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