Titles: Mother of Life, Great Healer, Woundbinder, Peacemaker, the Outstretched Hand,Troublesoother.
Aspects: Healing, life, mercy, peace.
Symbol: A raised hand, palm forward.
Priesthood: Merciful Sons/Daughters (priests); Peacekeepers (paladins).
Herald: A white-robed figure.
Holy Days: Raestdaeg.
Duties: To help those in need (not including obviously evil creatures like undead or demons), to promote peace.
Sins: (Minor) inflicting a wound on a creature when other options were available, refusing to heal a good person in need, promoting violence through word, deed, or inaction; (Major) taking the life of a living creature, causing sickness or disease; (Mortal) willfully taking the life of a defenseless creature.
Signature Power: Healing.
Powers: Arcane resistance, beast friend, bladebreaker, bless/panic (bless only), bodyguard, boost/lower trait (Vigor, Healing, and Persuasion only), champion of the faith, confusion, dispel, energy immunity, environmental protection, feast, glyph, greater healing, knockdown, refuge, regenerate, sanctuary, slumber, stun, succor, summon herald, warding, weapon immunity.
Trappings: Clergy must never use a trapping that inflicts harm on others, such as acid, electricity, fire, and such like. They cannot take necromantic trappings.

Goddess of healing, Eira is Tiw’s ex-wife. When she married Tiw, she thought her diplomatic ways and words of peace could calm her warlike husband, but she quickly realized she fought a lost cause. Eira is the patron of barbers, doctors, healers, herbalists, and surgeons, as well as diplomats and peacemakers. Statues of her depict a young maiden with her hands palm upward in a gesture of peace.

Shrines to her glory can be found in every establishment related to healing. Often the shrine takes the form of a holy symbol. Temples exist only in major settlements. They act as hospitals, as well as flophouses and soup kitchens for the dregs of society.

Priests spend their time healing and caring for the sick, whether that be at temples or shrines or as itinerant healers and herbalists. They also serve as diplomats, ever-seeking peaceful solutions to the problems which beset Rassilon. The Peacekeepers serve as bodyguards to the healers and also undertake expeditions to carry medical supplies to distant communities and gather rare healing herbs.

Despite their mainly pacifistic ways, the clergy are at odds with the Sisters of Mercy, who practice healing without honoring Eira. Strangely, Eira has yet to take any direct action against these “charlatans.”

Festivals typically involve burning fragrant medicinal herbs as well as singing. During these celebrations, the sick and infirm of the local community are invited to attend, for it is believed that Eira blesses and cures those who revere her.



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