Day Fifty Seven(57) Heafoddaeg (Headday)

  • The party arrive at Seithrby Brimni halts the caravan and says they will be stopping here telling people this will be the last civilized stop and the point of no return. He will be discussing access to move further north and resupply to get to the destination (Karad Khan)
  • The party discover Aethling Cuthwulf Eodricsunu is hosting the Eostre Festival which he had never done before the announcement would arrive tomorrow.

Day Fifty Eight(58) Waescdaeg (Washday)

  • The party soon find out that the festival is a series of competitions and join them in hopes of winning the prizes, the reason Cuthwulf announced the festival was for the Eostre Brides who had been chosen to represent Eostre this year.
  • The King Discovers his Father Klaus was attending as well to announce the wedding between Mauno his brother and Sylvia the bride that the king was supposed to marry but ran away from.
  • The King out of options agrees to marry Sylvia at the end of the festival and is put under guard by two huscarls who follow him around.

Day Fifty Nine(59) Marketdaeg (Marketday)

  • The party find out a little about the contestants and are each approached separately by various people offering assistance or telling them to forfeit the next competition.

Day Sixty(60) Monandaeg (Moonday)

  • A tale of woe and joy alike the party discover their talent for words in a competition of riddles, song and oratory experience.

Day Sixty One(61)Sunnandaeg (Sunday)

  • The tale of “Charlie Mopps” there can not be a festival without an ale drinking competition and the party discovered quickly that even the weakest link has a strong point.

Day Sixty Two(62)Healfdaeg (Halfday)

  • Physical Prowess in the form of an obstacle course was partaken but Cissa enraged that some of the party did not listen to her warnings pushed the poor unaware king into the water. In turn The King already tired of a bad streak of luck forfeited the match

Milcdaeg (Milkday)
Endedaeg (Endday)



The Legend of Godsbane Gabel