Glorious And Nefarious Deeds

This is the log of deeds of both Glorious and Nefarious origin done by the heroes. When your character does something truly Glorious or Nefarious, note it here! Deeds from each session will be recorded in the Adventure Log, but will also be gathered here(Dont forget to note yourself what you have been up to if i miss something).

The Glorious Deeds of the party:

One hit Ogre
The party survived the Ambush at Drake Forest and saved Ulfwald from a brutal death, Vigdis Gulbrandrsdohtor Slew an ogre single handed in one fell strike and The Fool, Aelfred, Vigdis managed to dodge a wagon that went flying into their direction when the ogre used his great strength to fling it at them.

The Nefarious Deeds of the party:

Beggars cant be choosers:
Mikael Took pity on the beggars of Tent town but did nothing to stop the fighting he caused when he threw money on the ground leaving the guards to clear up his mess.

Bearded troubles
The King Insulted the dwarf Hauld Austri Giantsbane when the dwarf was already straining his relationship with him at best, the dwarf did not take kindly to the kings attitude and eventually the king ended up calling Hauld a exploit of deleted. This in turn resulted in breaking the laws of hospitality and a -5 negative glory and a beating that rattled his ancestors.

Notable Deeds

Orcs ?! Well lets give them a fine talking to!
The Party set off to Dunross only to be ambushed by Orcs with Bows unloading into them Vigdis and the King decide it be best to give the orcs a good thrashing of the tongue before disposing of their agressors.

Wrestled with Foehammer:
The Party wrestled with Brimni Foehammer, Mikael however had his arm almost torn off from the sheer strength of the dwarfs biceps Vigdis however fared better and they learned the dwarf was only stopping by Aslov before his expedition left for Karad Khan. The Party Signed up with the dwarfs adventure and are currently under his employ.

Of Ogres, Goblins and Wagons:
Mikael was the subject of blunt force trauma as a wagon was flung into him by the ogre in the Ambush at Drake Forest, He was wounded and stuck under the wagon as he tried to grab a prone goblin sitting next to the broken wagon. He was manhandled brutally by the goblin until he finally struggled free of the goblins grip and killed it.

A Beating for two
The Fool The Fool stepped up to help The king although to no other effect then to take a beating but he stepped up valiantly to defend his friend the King, however as he did nothing to fight the dwarves but he protected the king the best he could he suffered no glory loss.


Glorious And Nefarious Deeds

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