Glory Rules

Glory is measured with Glory Points, in exactly the same way experience is measured with Experience Points. Characters can rise to become famous heroes or else they can slip into mediocrity. While some roleplaying games reward infamous deeds, Hellfrost does not. All being a villain does is move you further away from the benefits to be gained by heroic characters.

Glory should not be dolled out like candy. It should be earned through heroic endeavors, good roleplaying, and investing heavily in the character, not expected just because the hero is a player character.

After each adventure, and only when the heroes return to civilization, one of the party may begin telling the tale of their epic battles and heroic deeds. The character makes a Persuasion roll, modified as per Glorious Deeds Table (See The Hellfrost Player Guide Page 100).

The GM is always free to add positive modifiers for truly heroic actions or based on the character’s weaknesses and how he overcame them. Always try to think of how the heroes’ true exploits(as opposed to any extra bits they invent) sound as a tale told by skalds. This is important, as it is the listeners in Rassilon who are effectively granting them Glory


Glory Rules

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