Huscarls of Hammerhand

The great dwarf fortress-city of Karad Marn, ruled in name by Thegn Rungar Hammerhand, has largely been in orc hands for the past 60 years. The battle to liberate the city has been long and bloody.

Thegn Hammerhand’s relentless struggle to free his ancestral home has led to him achieving cult status among many dwarf warriors. One such cult is the Huscarls of Hammerhand, dwarves who have sworn a vow not just to support Thegn Hammerhand but also to destroy orcs wherever they find them, not just in Karad Marn.

Relentless in their pursuit and eradication of orcs, the Huscarls have become specialists in warhammers and thrown weapons, forgoing all other weapons in their pursuit of excellence.
The majority of the warrior brotherhood resides at Karad Marn, fighting daily alongside their dwarven com-rades and foreign mercenaries.

Others have taken leave to travel the continent in search of orcs, for their menacing presence is wide felt. Should they be called to return to Karad Marn, the huscarls are sworn to do so, taking the most expedient route and not stopping to engage in other activities along the way.


Huscarls of Hammerhand

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