Titles: Firestarter, Lord of Volcanoes, Flame Cloak, the Burning One, Soot-Face, Hearthwarmer.
Aspects: Fire, hearths, volcanoes, flame.
Symbol: A pile of red-hot coals.
Priesthood: Hearthkeepers (priests); Ashen Blades (paladins)
Herald: A member of the hero’s race swathed in fire, and with blackened, blistered skin.
Holy Day: Every other Sunnandaeg.
Duties: Safeguard the Hearthlands, defeat creatures of the Hellfrost.
Sins: (Minor) unknowingly aiding a servant of the Hellfrost, eating uncooked food (except obvious foodstuffs, like fruit), not fighting a Hellfrost beast stronger than you, damaging a hearth, forge, or other source of heat; (Major) not fighting a Hellfrost beast weaker than you, destroying a hearth, forge, or other source of heat; (Mortal) knowingly aiding a servant of the Hellfrost.
Signature Power: Deflection.
Powers: Altered senses, aura, bladebreaker, blast, bolt, burst, champion of the faith, elemental form (fire only), elemental manipulation (fire/heat only), energy immunity (cold, coldfire, heat, fire, ice, and water only), ethereal/corporeal (no corporeal), environmental protection (fire/heat only), fatigue, glyph, leaping, light, heat mask, prolonged blast, sanctuary, smite, speed, sphere of might, stun, summon elemental (fire, lava, and steam only), summon herald, warding.
Trappings: Clergy must use a heat or fire trapping whenever applicable. They cannot take cold, coldfire, ice, necromantic, or water trappings.

Kenaz is the elemental god of fire, though his father, Sigel, has dominion over the sun. Like his father, Kenaz is a fierce opponent of the Hellfrost inhabitants, especially followers of the upstart Thrym. Kenaz is also a close ally of Ertha, providing the heat her smiths need to work metal. He is depicted as a black-skinned, bearded man, with red or orange hair.

Kenaz’s temples always have a sacred flame at the center. Novices within the order are required to ensure this sacred flame is never extinguished. Any creature daring to snuff out the flame is marked for death by slow roasting over hot coals.

Regardless of the weather, Kenaz’s temples are always warm, kept this way by scores of roaring fires. In some settlements, the priests allow the homeless to sleep in the temple vestibule at night, out of the biting winds that wrack the land.

There are very few shrines to Kenaz—most are found in smithies, craftsmen who commonly worship both Kenaz and Ertha. The majority of citizens, especially those in the Hellfrost, have a special hearthstone engraved with his holy symbol, however.

As with Sigel, Kenaz’s clerics are expected to devote their time to combating the Hellfrost’s vile inhabitants, and are also charged with finding out why the sun is dimming and access to the elemental realm of fire is closing. Some clergy perform the latter duty via scholarly means, whereas others scour the Hellfrost for clues.

Festivals typically involve fire of some sort. In most cases the fire is merely the focus of worship—clergy dance around the flame and throw small sacrifices into the heart. Walking barefoot over hot coals and waving limbs (or even whole bodies) in and out of roaring flames are also part of many ceremonies.

Prayers to Kenaz are always written on paper and thrown into a fire, their words drifting upward on the resultant smoke.



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