Knights Hrafn

When the Orc Wars broke out twenty years ago, a skilled but impoverished noble, Baron Adelmar of Gal-moor, had the idea of creating an order of knights focus edon providing leadership to armies in need. Adelmar promptly sold his ancestral lands to the neighboring Magocracy and gathered a small cadre of like-minded individuals. Within three years, the Order of the Knights Hrafn was born.

The order is divided into two houses. The lower house is for commanders focusing on small unit tactics, typically skilled at commanding a single company of men.

The Upper House is reserved for strategists, skilled at maneuvering entire armies.

Any town, noble, or mercenary force meeting their fee (200 gold scields per month for tacticians and 500 gs per month for strategists) can hire a Knight Hrafn.

The knights care little for ideals of chivalry or honor, focusing their energy on winning battles with the minimum amount of bloodshed to their forces. While a few rogue knights have used their skills to aid orcs or become tyrant rulers of bandit companies, most are dedicated to
preserving the Hearthlands’ rightful rulers. Castle Hrafn, a small castle built with the profits the order’s mercenary service has earned, serves as their headquarters. Any Knight Hrafn can reside at the castle, free of charge for as long as he desires. Knights also have access to the order’s extensive collection of military trea-ties and maps.

The emblem of the order is a raven’s head. Members of the Lower House have a single-headed raven, representing their focus on a given objective.

Upper House members sport a double-headed bird, indicating that they must be aware of the entire battlefield.


Knights Hrafn

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