As far as most engros and humans are concerned, time began the day the ice rose. Most folk don’t have any un-derstanding of times before the Blizzard War, and the great majority looks to the future, to the next harvest and to the one beyond, not into matters of old. The elves and dwarves have records stretching back long before this time, but they do not share their knowledge with lesser races, or even each other. Engros were never ones for history at the best of times and never kept de-tailed records of anything other than songs.

What major archives do exist among the humans can be found in the Impe-rial City (at the Guild), Drakeport (in Lord Draconov’s archives), Far Reach (again with the Guild), and in the Citadel (which is not open to outsiders for any reason). In order to ensure knowledge could never be entirely lost, a group of sages and skalds formed the Lorekeepers, a society of historians, archivists, and treasure hunters.

The organization numbers barely 200 souls. Lorekeepers travel the land, looking for ancient scrolls and texts, copying them, and handing copies to their col-leagues for safe keeping. The destruction of much of the land’s history in the Blizzard War taught these learned men not to put all their scrolls in one basket.

Although basically scholars, the Lorekeepers have been known to use extreme methods to retrieve scrolls from the few private collectors around. They aren’t foolish enough to go up against the Convocation or Lord Draconov, and instead pay for access to their archives.



The Legend of Godsbane Gabel