The art of constructing relics is a mystery to mages and priests alike. In a bid to prevent existing relics from being used to gain power and in order to study them to perhaps unlock the secrets of their creation, a group of elementalists forsook the Convocation and founded the
Reliquary, an organization dedicated to locating, study-ing, and protecting permanent magic artifacts.

The organization seeks out, retrieves, and stores only permanent relics. It has no interest in alchemical devices, nor in the staves of heahwisards, which are considered part of the mage and thus limited in their usage.

The Reliquary operates out of the Citadel, a great fortress in the Brokentail Mountains. Contained within are numerous libraries, laboratories, and vaults, the latter being guarded both by powerful magic traps and an order of soldiers known as the Guardians of the Arcane.

The Reliquary does not allow outsiders to visit the vaults or libraries, nor does it believe that anyone other than its esteemed members should own relics. It is not above theft to recover relics, but it has never officially sanctioned murder in the pursuit of its goal.


One does not volunteer; one is chosen. Potential members must have a desire to see the mysteries of the universe unlocked and hold some disdain for those who would use relics to further their own aims.

The organization is divided into three divisions, jok-ingly known as Finders, Keepers, and Seekers, each serving a specific role.

Finders (more properly known as Reliquae, singular Reliqus) work to locate and retrieve magical artifacts, either from their current owners or from ruins. Although many are highly accomplished tomb raiders or thieves, they consider petty larceny beneath their calling.

Protecting the objects collected by the Finders are the Guardians of the Arcane, more commonly referred to as Keepers. While a few venture out into the world, most are stationed at the Citadel. The Guardians are simply a police force, there to ensure thieves do not plunder the
Citadel’s treasure vaults.

Seekers (known internally as Arcanologists) are sages, scholars, and archivists, devoted to unlocking the secret of artifact creation. They spend their days in musty libraries researching snippets of ancient lore or performing experiments (which always fail). Most remain in the Citadel, but occasionally, they must travel to other centers of learning or to consult with mages outside the Reliquary.



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