Although the roads of the Hearthlands are dangerous, they are not completely unguarded. As well as the Iron Guild, there is an informal organization known as the Roadwardens watching over travelers. Founded just 50 years ago by Sir Magnar Cornelius, a scion of a powerful family in Spyre, the Roadwardens work alone or in small bands, traveling the roads and trails of the Hearthlands offering friendship and protec-tion to anyone they deem in need of their support.

Some use a travel tower as a base, protecting the area around the refuge, whereas others prefer a true nomadic life. Roadwardens do not charge for their services, funding themselves by looting any bandits or orc marauders they slay, though they do accept voluntary donations.

Many merchants have donated thousands of scields to the organization, valuing the safe haven of a travel tower on the long, deserted trade routes.


Sir Magnar came up with the idea of the travel towers. Although visitors leave donations at the towers, the organization is always short of cash. Roadwardens are expected to use any “loot” captured from bandits or orcs to keep the towers stocked, and to devote at least a few weeks a year in helping maintain the towers’ bricks and mortar.



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