Titles: The All-Seeing Eye, the Burning Eye, Father of Light, Scourge of Darkness, Foe Scorcher, the Pure One.
Aspects: Sun, light, purity, good.
Symbol: A golden stylized sun disc.
Priesthood: Sun Priests (priests); Sun Knights (paladins).
Herald: A half-man, half-sun dragon.
Holy Day: Every Sunnandaeg. Heah Sumor Daeg is a high holy day.
Duties: To promote the cause of good, to bring light into the world, to oppose the forces of darkness.
Sins: (Minor) not welcoming the sun each morning, remaining underground for more than a day, gambling or drinking to excess, performing a minor evil act; (Major) permanently blinding a foe, refusing to fight the forces of darkness, not standing up against immoral behavior, committing a major evil act; (Mortal) willfully aiding the forces of darkness.
Signature Power: Light.
Powers: Altered senses, aura, banish, bless/panic (bless only), bolt, burst, champion of the faith, deflection, elemental manipulation (fire only), energy immunity (cold, coldfire, heat, fire, ice, or water only), environmental protection (fire/heat only), farsight, fatigue, invisibility, precognition, prolonged blast, sanctuary, speed, sphere of might, stun, summon elemental (fire only), summon herald, teleport, warding, weaken undead.
Trappings: Followers must have a light, heat, or fire trapping whenever possible. They cannot take cold, coldfire, darkness, ice, or necromantic trappings.

After Hela’s rebellious act, Sigel, god of light, led the fight against the darkness she had unleashed into the world. However, it appears he has vanished, and Scaetha now leads the fight in his absence. Before the Blizzard War, Sigel’s Hearth (the common name for the sun) shone brilliantly, a glowing orb that warmed the Hearthlands. Since that day, the sun has grown steadily weaker, and its radiance has dimmed, as if something had placed a veil over the burning eye. Sigel’s clerics have noticed a reduction in their power, especially in the frozen wastes.

Sigel is represented as a man with a circle, representing the eternal sun, around his head. He holds a sword in his right hand. A flame, the light of purity, rises from his left palm.

Shrines to Sigel exist in most Hearthland settlements, and usually take the form of a large sundial. In some communities, Maera and Sigel are worshipped jointly, with a sun- and moondial marking the shrine. Temples are found only in large towns, and are always spacious and brilliantly lit. They are often lavishly decorated with gold, the god’s chosen metal, and paladins are housed in large numbers to deter thieves.

With the clergy of Scaetha engaged in war against the undead threat, Sigel’s priests and paladins now focus on preventing the expansion of the Hellfrost. Many of his priests work closely with the Hearth Knights, either as healers and spiritual guides, or as mercenaries.

Festivals and ceremonies take place at dawn, midday, and dusk. Prayers and hymns are the most common form of worship. Some clergy dedicate Hellfrost foes they are about to slay to their god, in the hope their deaths strengthen the waning deity.



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