Sisterhood Of Mercy

The Sisterhood is an order of healers based primarily in the town of Sanctuary, which they founded. They have a small aid station in Aslov’s Tent Town and in Hellfrost Keep and have plans to establish Healing Houses in Drakeport, Halfway, and Ravensburg in the near future.

Founded by Mother Felise, an elderly Anari, the Sis-ters (all are female) are master healers, learned in the ways of herbalism, bone setting, midwifery, dentistry, and so forth. A few are actually water elementalists who have forsaken the Convocation and now answer only to
Mother Felise.

Mother Felise herself is blessed with what appears to be miraculous powers of healing, though she is not a cleric of Eira, goddess of healing. The Sisters do not charge for their services, but instead ask that patients perform some favor at a later date. This may be a donation (not a fee) to purchase new equipment or rare herbs, physical help in maintaining or building a wing to the Healing House, the center of the Sisterhood’s activity in Sanctuary, providing a Sister
shelter on her travels, and such like.

Favors are always within the patient’s ability to “pay.” A farmer may be asked to donate a small portion of his crops to the Sisters or help in erecting a new building, for instance, whereas a noble may be asked to help fund a new building by providing materials or a workforce.

Player character Sisters are mendicants, sent out into the world to provide healing services to the needy. The Sisters are pacifists, believing that life is sacred. However, this makes them easy targets for bandits or roving orcs, so they are protected by the Swords of Necessity, a group of warriors healed by the Sisters, who pledge loyalty to them.

Naturally, the Sisters and the clergy of Eira do not see eye-to-eye. The clerics believe they have a monopoly on healing the poor, but their numbers are stretched, and the Sisters have filled the gaps.


Sisterhood Of Mercy

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