The Arcane hand

Not to be confused with the Reliquary’s Guardians of the Arcane, the Arcane Hand are elite bodyguards and trusted servants of the Magocracy, entrusted with the protection of the wizard elite.

Each household maintains it own detachment of Arcane Hands who hold loyalty only to that house. As such, the Connection Edge and Orders Hindrances extend only to members of the same household, not the Wardens as a whole.

While their core duty is to protect the persons and holdings of their mage masters, it is not unusual for a Magocratic noble to send members of his trusted bodyguard off on missions far beyond the borders of the Magocracy.

Thus, members are not just bodyguards and soldiers, but messengers, spies, diplomats, and adventurers. Many young mage, especially those unlikely to inherit titles any time soon, opt to join their local Hand, both as a show of loyalty and to relieve boredom.

One should not think of the Hand as fanatically loyal puppets. More than one noble has met his death at their swords when a rival offered them a better deal or after repeatedly mistreating them.

The Mage-King maintains his own bodyguard drawn from Arcane Hands of his former household. When his tenure ends, they return to their noble house barracks.


The Arcane hand

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