The Gray Legion

The Gray Legion is the most renowned mercenary company in Rassilon. Tales of their campaigns are many, and children of all races play games of Gray Legionaries versus orcs, with the Gray Legion always victorious.It is true in the 30 years since their founding they have never retreated from a fight, no matter the odds. What is less known, or more likely ignored, is that the Legion has not always been victorious. Whereas other companies will leave the field when the battle turns against them, the Gray Legion, once committed to a cause, fights to the last man.

Legionaries have been called many things by many people; suicidal, brave, reckless, and insane being just a few, but none truly sums up their refusal to run from certain death. Whereas other mercenaries fight for money (or more rarely, a just cause), the Legion fights because its members have nothing else to live for except a good death. This doesn’t mean that members are suicidal, however. They have no wish to throw away their lives for a meaningless cause, but if their death makes a difference, even a small one, then they die knowing their
sacrifice was not in vain.

The company accepts only those who have nowhere else to go and absolutely nothing left to lose. Criminals, refugees, and disgraced nobles are welcomed equally. Potential recruits with familial ties are sent home, for the Gray Legion has no wish to impart the sorrow of losing a loved one on kinfolk. It does not discriminate against race, gender, or religion. Recruits who take the oath of allegiance are given a new identity and protection from the law. No member is required to say why he wishes to join, nor to speak of his past. For Legionaries, life effectively begins when they join the Gray Legion.

Despite its name, the Legion actually comprises just a single company, around 140 strong. In overall command is the Gray Captain. The Legion has had only one captain, that being its founder, Daisy, a female engro. Her comrades call her the Gray Lady.

Captain Daisy has never revealed why she founded the Legion. Individual members are allowed to travel their own roads, seeking good causes to support and making a difference anyway they can, but must respond to a call to arms from any fellow Legionary. The Legion’s banner is a plain, gray cloth, stained in the blood of those who have carried it into battle.


The Gray Legion

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