The Legend of Godsbane

Within this tome of knowledge are historical facts and notable things the party has encountered during their travels in the land of hellfrost. This is a record of all things the party has learned during their travels written in a short summary for ease of use, if you are looking for a more detailed log of the adventures please refer to the Adventure Log written by either the GM or one of the players.

This contains information that may be useful to the campaign that the characters have already learned, use it as a reference for things you may have forgotten.

Note: The weeks will be updated as sessions are played and cataloged.

Snaermonan(Snowmoon) – Weeks 2-4(IR) 499. (Sessions 1 – 5)
Frostmonan(Frostmoon) – Weeks 1-4 (IR) 499. (Sessions 5 – 7)
Eostremonan(Eostremoon) – Weeks 1- (IR) 499. (Sessions 7 – )


The Legend of Godsbane

The Legend of Godsbane Gabel