The Thirteen Warriors

The Thirteen Warriors began as a group of thirteen Saxa nobles who answered a call from a distant kinsman during the Blizzard War to help protect his land against barbaric frostreavers and Vendahl. Although successful, the surviving eight heroes returned home to find their own lands had been destroyed in their absence. Realizing they had nothing left but their sword arms, and an overriding hatred of the frostreavers and Ven-dahl, the survivors formed a brotherhood sworn to track down and kill these barbaric fiends wherever they lurked.

Though none of the original members are still alive, the organization, officially known as the Brotherhood of Thirteen Warriors, continues to uphold the quest of the founders with zeal. Despite its name, the organization is rarely at full strength. Typically it numbers less than ten, but even when they recruit new members, there are never more than thirteen at any one time.

All members wear a badge on their left shoulder, a circle of 13 stars surrounding a severed bear’s head. The Thirteen Warriors spend virtually all of their time in and around the Shattered Moor, dispatching merciless vengeance on the dark inhabitants. Although they prefer to concentrate their efforts on frostreavers and Vendahl, they happily slaughter any other evil creature foolish enough to cross their path.


The Thirteen Warriors

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