Thieves Guilds

Numerous thieves’ guilds operate throughout Rassilon, though most are confined to the major towns. Eachguild claims ownership of all nefarious activities within its territory and is quick to punish freelancers.

In most instances the guilds operate in secret, ruled over by a shadowy guildmaster (or mistress). Only in Freetown do the guilds operate openly, and then only because Lord Blackhand allows it.

Despite being, literally, dens of thieves, each guild has its own by-laws, which members are expected to follow for the good of the guild. Most guilds avoid robbing any-one in the slums, not only because the wretches who dwell in such areas have little to steal, but also because they rely on the populace to act as their eyes and ears. In return, the guilds hand out a little of their gains to ease the suffering of the locals.

Guilds use a secret language, known as Fingerspeak, a form of sign language used to impart basic information, such as the ease of cutting a mark’s purse, warnings about watch activities, and so on. It’s little use for holding a conversation, however. Every guild has its own unique sign, so members can recognize each other with-out alerting passersby.


Thieves Guilds

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