Watchers of The Black Gate

When the Demongate Wars ended, the forces of good tried to destroy the great black key which controlled the portal. Although the key could not be destroyed, clerics and paladins did manage to shatter it into a hundred pieces.

The fragments were then scattered throughout the lands, placed beyond the reach of the demon lords. The Demongate was moved to a secret fortress deep in-side a mountain, were it would be protected by powerful wards and an order of knights.

An organization of evil cultists known as the Seeker of the Black Key is scouring the world for the fragments of the Black Key. Pitted against them are the Watchers of the Black Gate (sometimes known as Gatekeepers), avowed to protect the Demongate and hunt down demons and Seekers in order to ensure the demons of the Abyss can never be unleashed en masse.

While the great majority of Gatekeepers remain at the secret fortress, others are sent out into the world to hunt down and destroy demons, Seekers, and those who would traffic with the Abyssal powers. While many Gatekeepers are clerics of the Norns, this is not a strict requirement.

Secrecy is of utmost important to the organization, for if the location of the Black Gate was ever discovered by the hosts of the Abyss, they would undoubtedly try everything in their power to gain possession. It is a very rare Gatekeeper who ever reveals his calling to those he does not trust with his life.

A Gatekeeper who betrays the organization, especially in revealing the location of the Black Gate to any outsider, is ruthlessly hunted down, tortured to learn what he revealed, executed, and buried on unhallowed ground. All those found to be privy to the information he imparted meet with the same fate.


Watchers of The Black Gate

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