Every person in the civilized lands has value. This value is expressed monetarily based on social status. Yes, much like ancient Europe in our own world, there is a system to determine what each life is worth. This value is called the Weregild.

The Weregild is the price of a man’s life. Killing someone wrongfully means paying the weregild in recompense. Incapacitating or wounding them will cause payment of a percentage of their weregild. These fines are imposed by the nobles governing the lands where these events occur.

Weregild does not apply to the battlefield, to outlaws, bandits, or criminals.

When charged with paying a weregild, the offending party must pay within 1 month. Failure to pay means seizure of property or even being made a thrall (indentured servant) to pay the debt.

The table below is the price for a man’s life. The full
price is paid for killing someone, whether Wild Card or
Extra. Eighty percent is payable for Incapacitating a Wild
Card victim, 60% for inflicting three wounds, 40% for
two, and just 20% for one wound. A mere 10% is pay-able for a fight involving non–lethal damage, such as a fistfight, or if the victim was only Shaken. Incapacitated
Extras who recover to become walking wounded are
entitled to 40% in compensation.

A guideline to Weregilds is:

Commoner: 50 gs
Crafter or Merchant: 500 gs
Warrior: 1000 gs
Cleric or Mage: 2000 gs
Knight/Banneret/Ridder: 4000 gs
Baron/Hauld: 8000 gs
Count/Thegn: 32000 gs
Duke/Jarl: 64000 gs
Prince/Aethling: 125000 gs
King/Cyning: 250000 gs

Cleric or Mage: This varies considerably by type and
realm. A heahwisard is always treated according to his
noble rank, for instance, even outside the Magocracy. A
hrimwisard in the Hearthlands may receive no compen-sation because he is considered “evil” by the local court.

A cleric of any evil god is very unlikely to ever try and
claim weregild in the civilized lands, and in most realms,
such a claim would be automatically rejected and the
cleric arrested.

Crafter: Any hero with a Knowledge (Craft) skill at a d6 or
higher qualifies for this social position by default of his trade.

Warrior: Any hero with Fighting, Shooting, or Throw-ing at d8+ falls into this category.



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