Wood Wardens

Many dangers lurk in the dark forests of the Hearth-lands. Rapacious orcs, fearsome forest dragons, and destructive forest giants are just a few of the fell beasts that lurk in the gloom beneath the heavy foliage. Even parts of elven forests are not safe to travel.

Yet all is not lost, for patrolling these leafy realms are the Wood Wardens. Blending elven druidism with hardened steel, the Wardens are a multi-racial organization sworn to safe-guard the forests of the Hearthlands.

Originally founded by the Shining King, though not under his direct command, the Wardens still retain good relationships with the hearth elves, and non-elf recruits are taught ancient elven magic, enabling them to talk with beasts.

The head of the organization is Parthelo Boughrun-ner, a hearth elf nobleman and a distant relative of the Shining King. He holds the title of Warden-General. Beneath him are the Warden-Captains, officers re-sponsible for one forest (or a smaller part of a large for-est). Each Warden-Captain is responsible for a number of Wardens, the common members of the organization.

Intelligent monsters, like orcs, found among the for-ests are shown no mercy, but there are other menaces to the tranquility of the forests. Loggers, hunters, and trappers who take only what they need are usually left alone by the Wardens, and sometimes even act as agents, reporting signs of danger-ous denizens. But those who would rape the forest of its bounty can expect severe warnings (at best) and attacks (at worst).

The Wardens are also on good terms with nykr, skog-sra, and wood wights living in their domains, as well as the few remaining enclaves of tree men.


Wood Wardens

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